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T H Findings Ltd is a longstanding  supplier of components (Findings) to the jewellery, 
giftware and allied trades. The late Thomas Harris originally founded the company as a manufacturer of costume jewellery for the wholesale trade following the end of World War II. 

Towards the end of the sixties and early seventies gemology gained in popularity. People wanted to cut their own stones and Mr. Harris, who had until this point been selling his finished costume jewellery pieces with set glass and semi-precious stones, found a new demand for his jewellery setting components. Manufacturers of stones, ceramics, enamels and other materials as well as worldwide  Lapidary Shops bought his mounts in large quantities and used them to create pieces of thier own. 

The first printed catalogue soon followed and was sent to the Lapidary trade where it was warmly recieved. It's success contributed signifiacntly to the expansion of the business, allowing for growth and diversification of  the range through the introduction of base metal findings, 9ct gold and 925 sterling silver findings.

In 1975 Mr Harris sadly passed away. Prior to this he had been working on his own range of mounts, some of which are still stocked in the shop to this day! Following his passing  the business changed ownership to Mr. Hermesmeier, a Jewellery worker based in London who had been looking for a venture of his very own.

The business name was changed from Thomas Harris (Birmingham) Ltd.  to  T.H. Findings Ltd and relocated to it's present premises, 42 Hylton Street, in the heart of  Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, in 1986. Mr Hermesmeier kept the tradition of the printed catalogue alive, creating each master copy by hand using traditional printing methods prior to the introduction of modern day editing software.


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In 1994 T. H. Findings opened a new trade counter on the ground floor of 42 Hylton Street, and began to diversify once more, this time with beads, to compensate for the shift in their primary customer base.

Today T. H. Findings imports lines from all over the world.  Around 95% of orders are fulfillied from stock dispatched the very same day. The company keeps over 5000 live individual stocklines, with new lines frequently being introduced. Their mission to supply quality, fair priced goods has always been at the heart of the company, but the way in which they provide this service is constantly adapting to fit the world around us.

This very website is their latest venture and they hope to have all 5000+ lines available to purchase online in 2020.

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