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Sustainability & TH Findings

TH Findings understands that its daily activities can and do have both a direct and indirect environmental impact on the world we live in. We are therefore committed to improving our sustainability at all levels of the business. There are a number of measures both our suppliers and ourselves have put in place in order to do so.

Our Suppliers

Our sterling silver chain supplier not only meets current  environmental measures set by law, they have introduced their own, stricter measures that surpass those standards. To do so they have invested heavily into technology which allows them to accurately monitor and reduce their emissions and waste production. Their successful waste management system both implements water purification and assists in the  elimination of fumes and powders from their production lines, resulting in less harmful byproducts and waste. They are strict regarding sourcing ethical materials, ceasing any working relationship with suppliers or customers who they have reason to believe are in breach of humanitarian laws. More information regarding this suppliers environmental practices is available on request.

Our sterling silver findings supplier is also environmentally aware. The findings are produced in a zero emissions factory from ethically sourced recycled silver imported from Italy. They are energy waste conscious, waiting until orders are at full capacity prior to starting production.

Post & Packaging

At TH Findings the vast majority of parcels are sent via Royal Mail & APC Trax. Other courier companies are only used when neither of these options are viable. You can find Royal Mail's environmental policy HERE and the link to APC's statement HERE.

At TH Findings

Within TH Findings we strive to recycle and reuse as much as we can. We repurpose cardboard & boxes for both storage and shipping larger orders, reuse packing materials wherever possible and we also offer plastic free packaging upon request. We package all orders considerately, avoiding the use of excessive, oversized boxes for smaller orders. We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and encourage open discussion from suppliers, staff and our customers regarding ways in which to do so.

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